Lovely Wedding in Hungary I Lilla & Daniel

Lovely Wedding in Hungary I Lilla & Daniel

Lovely Wedding in Hungary


Lilla and Daniel prepared for their lovely wedding with a calmness that is enviable. Before the ceremony, the excitement was visible in their eyes. But as soon as they saw each other in the church for the first time, their eyes shone with joy.
After the church ceremony, we took some pictures of the two of them together, and then the party started.
Nestled in the embrace of nature’s beauty, the wedding venue was nothing short of enchanting. A greenhouse with huge glasses adorned with twinkling fairy lights and vibrant floral arrangements provided the perfect backdrop for the celebration. Check out the pictures composed for the wedding album.


lovely wedding - beautiful wedding decorationlovely weddinglovely wedding - decoration

Groom's getting ready

The GroomLovely Wedding Place near Budapest


Lovely wedding ceremony placeWedding ceremony in a churchWedding ceremony - here comes the brideWedding ceremony - here comes the bride

lovely wedding - wedding decoration

lovely wedding - wedding party - here comes the couple

lovely wedding - wedding party - opening dancefloor - first dance of the married couplelovely wedding - wedding party - drinking bestmen and friendslovely wedding - wedding partylovely wedding - wedding party

lovely weddinglovely weddinglovely wedding


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