Photoshoot in Budapest I Doris & Leo (Pre-Wedding Session – Beautiful Scenery)

Photoshoot in Budapest I Doris & Leo (Pre-Wedding Session – Beautiful Scenery)

Photoshoot in Budapest – FROM HONG-KONG TO BUDAPEST

Doris & Leo (Hong Kong) traveled more than 8,000 miles to spend some days to take a fantastic Photoshoot in Budapest before their wedding, and they made it even more memorable to have their wedding creative photos taken in this beautiful city. So we received the invitation gladly! We started shooting at the Citadel, from where we could enrich Doris and Leo’s travel and, of course, the photo series with an exceptional, really „Budapest” look pictures.
Well after the metropolitan environment, the sun went down when we arrived to the romantic small town, Szentendre. At that part of day and the intimate atmosphere influenced us for inspiration (both like sunrise). Doris highlighted her beauty with her purple wedding dress. As we made some pictures we returned, so as to the night lights of Budapest. Although all of us got sleepy look, but we rest a bit at the Chain Bridge, and we continued the photoshoot for take some city lights pictures. The pictures could be admired from home a few days later by them:

,,Thanks a lot for helping us to take so many beautiful pictures. We do have a great time in Budapest and appreciate a lot with your passion on your profession!,, (Doris & Leo)


In addition to the above compilations, you can also request a quote for individual needs, even just for pre-wedding session & proposal session too.

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